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Wyoming Silicosis Lawsuits Filed for Lung Disease, Lung Cancer, and TB - Attorneys Handling Wyoming Silicosis Lawsuits Provide Free, No-Obligation Silicosis Claim Review to Residents of Wyoming

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Silicosis is an irreversible and fatal pulmonary disease that effects thousands of workers in Wyoming and throughout the United States each year. Silica dust deaths are recorded as roughly 300 per year in this country, but pulmonologists suggest the disease is wildly underdiagnosed. Symptoms of silicosis may develop weeks, months or years following exposure to airborne silica particles. Early symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, cough, and cyanosis, or bluish skin. Silicosis is an insidious and progressive lung disease which worsens over time, leading to respiratory distress, respiratory failure, and death in its advanced stages. Once a worker has inhaled an unsafe amount of silica dust, there is no way to reverse the damage to the lungs. Persons with lung disease caused by silica inhalation are at risk for developing other health problems including fungal and bacterial infections as well as lung cancer.

Many different federal and non-governmental organizations have warned against the dangers of silica dust inhalation, including the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), and the American Lung Association. Silicosis is a serious health threat to workers worldwide, and has been addressed by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Office of Occupational Health, among other major international groups.

The dangers of silica dust have been public knowledge in the United States for nearly a century and with proper safety equipment, the condition is completely preventable. Yet many companies do not adequately protect their workers against the dangers of silica dust. Silica-related deaths are most common among miners, sandblasters, and other industrial workers who handle materials such as sand, rock, mineral, and clay. Workers who have developed lung disease, lung cancer, or tuberculosis (TB) may have legal grounds to file a silicosis lawsuit against their employer. This website serves as a comprehensive resource on silicosis lawsuits, providing information about silicosis attorney services and answering common questions about silicosis lawsuit time limits and eligibility.

If you or a loved one in Wyoming has been diagnosed with lung disease and have a history of exposure to silica dust, Wyoming silicosis lawyers believe you may have grounds to file a Wyoming silicosis lawsuit for damages, harm, or loss suffered as a result of the disease. It is the responsibility of Wyoming employers to ensure their workers have access to adequate safety equipment in order to prevent dangerous silica dust exposure. Companies that fail to protect their employees from silica dust exposure must be held accountable in order to prevent future deaths. The Wyoming Silicosis Lawsuit Center provides information to workers and their families on lung disease, lung cancer and tuberculosis, including information on national silicosis warnings that apply to Wyoming workers, how to choose a Wyoming silicosis lawyer for lung disease, lung cancer or tuberculosis lawsuits, and how to take the first steps to file a silicosis lawsuit in Wyoming.

Silicosis Lung Disease

Silicosis Lung Disease

Wyoming workers who are exposed to respirable silica dust are at risk for developing silicosis, a progressive and incurable pulmonary disease that can result in death. Crystalline silica particles that reach the lungs stimulate inflammation and the growth of fibrous nodules, leading to respiratory distress and respiratory failure. This page outlines the pathophysiology of the condition and contains information from Wyoming silicosis attorneys about the dangers of silicosis lung disease as well as related conditions including lung cancer and TB.

Wyoming Silicosis Workers Comp

Wyoming Silicosis Workers Comp

The Wyoming Silicosis Workers Comp page provides information about the threshold for dangerous silica exposure to workers. One of the most common substances on earth, silica is found in rocks, minerals, sand, clay, and many industrial products. Workers who cut, grind, mine, blast, or otherwise disturb these materials must utilize approved safety equipment to protect silica dust inhalation. Silicosis is a known health threat throughout the world and is entirely preventable, yet thousands of individuals each year still develop the condition from unsafe silica dust exposure. This page contains information about silicosis worker's comp lawsuits in Wyoming, as well as information from Wyoming silicosis lawyers about the materials and industries that lead to the majority of silica-related deaths.

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Wyoming Silicosis Lawsuits

The Wyoming Silicosis Lawsuit page provides information to persons who are considering a silicosis lawsuit in Wyoming. If you or a family member in Wyoming developed lung disease and have a history of silica dust exposure on the job, you may have legal grounds to file a Wyoming silicosis lawsuit for lung disease, lung cancer, or TB. The threat of silica dust exposure has been known in the United States for nearly a century, and the first Wyoming silicosis lawsuits were filed in the United States in the 1930s. Yet workers today in the thousands still are subject to dangerous levels of silica dust exposure and new Wyoming silicosis lawsuits are filed each year. If you believe your lung disease, lung cancer or TB may have developed as a result of silica exposure at work, you may be eligible to file a Wyoming silicosis lawsuit against your employer. This section provides more information on why individuals in Wyoming choose to file a silicosis lawsuit for lung disease, lung cancer or TB.

Wyoming Silicosis Lawsuit FAQ

Wyoming Silicosis Lawsuit FAQs

The Wyoming Silicosis Lawsuit FAQs page provides answers to the questions most commonly asked of our attorneys handling silicosis lawsuits in Wyoming for lung disease, lung cancer, or TB. This page outlines the risk factors for the condition, and provides information about how to select the best silicosis lawyer in Wyoming and how to get started filing a Wyoming silicosis lawsuit. Filing a silicosis lawsuit is a powerful means for individuals in Wyoming to demand the protection of workers’ health in mining and other industries, and provides meaningful compensation for workers and the families of workers in Wyoming who have been harmed by silicosis from silica dust exposure at work.

Wyoming Silicosis Attorneys

Wyoming Silicosis Lawyers

This Wyoming Silicosis Lawyer page provides an overview of the legal services provided by our silicosis attorney team handling lung disease, lung cancer, and TB cases in Wyoming. Representing clients on a contingency basis, Wyoming silicosis lawyer services cost nothing unless we collect for you. Wyoming silicosis attorneys for lung disease, lung cancer, and TB are offering free case reviews for individuals and families who have been harmed by job site silica dust exposure in Wyoming.